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Washington County Sheriff

Washington County Sheriff

Updated on: February 27, 2023
The Washington County Sheriff's office has specific principles that guide it in undertaking various legal roles, principles and functions. The office of the Sheriff highly upholds the principle of treating all people with respect, fairness, and dignity in all its functions. For instance, the County Sheriff's office knows that inmates are equal human beings despite their past wrongdoings. In response, the sheriff promotes transformational jail programs to help the criminals in reforming. Most importantly, the office of the Washington County Sheriff values professionalism. The office operates within the law to enforce the law and makes sure to bring to book all law offenders to account for their actions. Fairness, integrity, and professionalism drive the fundamental Sheriff's office in Washington County.

People’s Servant

In a depth overview, the County Sheriff's office handles crucial duties within the County. One of these functions is to serve the people of Washington County by executing all the valid legal requirements that other government agencies issue. For instance, it is the work of the County Sheriff's office to preserve all the policies that the court upholds. As such, the office of the County Sheriff comes in handy in ensuring peace, harmony, order, and stability in Washington County.

Returning Writs

Importantly, the County Sheriff's office responds to and returns writs written by other government systems within the region. Consequently, the Sheriff's office promotes order by making sure that all people operate within the updated laws in the region. If the policies require people to refrain from certain behaviors, the County Sheriff's office, with the help of county officers, swings into action to apprehend those who violate the respective laws. Likewise, the Sheriff's office advises county officers to stop enforcing any policies that the relevant agencies scrap off the constitution. Demonstratively, no one can get arrested by the sheriffs for going against a law that no longer exists.

Managing Jails in Washington County

The County Sheriff's office is responsible for managing the Washington County Jail. The sheriff ‘s office keeps all prison records ranging from new inmate bookings, the current population of serving inmates, and the details of people released from jail. As such, the Sheriff's office plays an integral role in eliminating crime in Washington by making sure to separate all identified dangerous criminals from law-abiding citizens. In cases of prison break-out, the Sheriff urges people to avoid confronting the escapees but immediately report the incidences to County Sherriff on 402-426-6866. Also, the email is open to the public for non-urgent matters.

Washington County Jail

Washington County Jail is a monumental security institution in Nebraska. The Washington County Jail functions under the watch of the County Sheriff's office. Fundamentally, the correctional institution believes in rehabilitating inmates and preparing them for respectable lives once they leave jail. Been punitive is never in the principles of the county jail. The facility, through its representatives, conducts depth investigations to uncover the factors contributing to criminal behaviors. As such, the security agency promotes social progress by identifying lasting solutions to the issues that force people into crime. Confronting the grass-root causes of crime is key in reducing the rates of criminal behavior. Through this strategy, Washington County Jail successfully transforms, empowers, and releases inmates responsible for leading inspiring lives and triggering positive changes in society.

Facility Maintenance

Washington County Jail has managed to maintain its environment for many years and is among the cleanest jails in Nebraska. To explain this, the institution employs a 'direct supervision' culture. Consequently, jail staff receives extensive training on management. Jail staff passes the knowledge to the inmates, who practice the acquired skills. For instance, jail staff teaches inmates that it is their obligation to maintain the cleanliness of their cells. As a transformational jail, the institution believes in providing inmates with the best environment to change into better people than they currently are.

PREA Statement

Washington County Jail has zero tolerance for all sexual assault culprits. The County Jail will punish anyone suspected of engaging in the vice regardless of their position. The institution will not spare an employee who is a culprit of sexual crimes be it a PREA Coordinator, detention, administrator, or enforcement captain. Even the detained culprits will be prosecuted for engaging in such adverse conduct, and their jail terms will be extended if found guilty of the crimes. Moreover, the management knows the value of offering training to its staff, inmates, and society at large. As such the institution trains people on how to prevent sexual assault events from happening. Likewise, people receive training on how to detect and respond to sexual assault incidences. Washington County Jail has successfully controlled the vice within its boundaries through its strict anti-sexual assault policies and training.

Washington County Sheriffs Office

1535 Colfax Street, Blair, Nebraska, 68008

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