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Thurston County Sheriff

Thurston County Sheriff

Updated on: April 29, 2023
"People first, public safety always" is a slogan governing the Thurston County Sheriff's office. Security is one of the key priorities in any public governorship. Thurston County Sheriff's office is a security agency established to soldier for public safety and applause of constitutional laws. The officers in charge here are a trained team of security specialists who professionally deliberate on their duties at various dockets they hold. Thurston County Sheriff's Office runs multiple security organs within the surrounding towns, streets, and municipalities. They often have their 24/7 patrol team on the ground, fast response team, and jail department, among others, that uphold their mission and vision. Therefore, being a Thurston County sheriff officer calls for a series of certifications that include the POD. Basing on your specialization, you will be joining the team working on specific dockets or cases.

Key responsibilities of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Majorly it is security. Any secure location attracts progress and life itself. The sheriff's office is particular in its programs to ensure there is maximum security to all its subject. Some of the key strategies the office is using include community involvement. The 911 number remains active for crime reports. In addition, the community has remained helpful in discovering various crime events in a timely fashion. This strategy has helped save multiple lives and even situations. Other help from the community involves finding out of wanted persons. Those who share leads receive a reward, which encourages most of them to stay alert for any such offers. See constant updates on their social media pages and website on the latest list of wanted persons. Other engagements include working hand-in-hand with the local authorities and police departments. Critical information they share are resources that majorly have intelligence records. Beyond this, there is reinforcement where they unite to fight a common enemy. Thurston County Sheriff's Office is responsible for in-depth investigations of various crimes such as murder, rape, etc. The department often has a specialized team taking up these matters and giving quality results. The rest of the responsibilities overly include;
  • Corrections at the jail
  • Field Operations
  • Financial Services
  • Support Services

Joining the team

The five-star reviews on the Thurston sheriff's office are quite a motivator for anyone interested in joining the team. Often, there are open chances for such applications. Nonetheless, you must have undergone the respective training and certifications to join the group. Best performing officers often earn their yearly rewards. However, by upholding the values of this office, it is also essential to remember quality service to your subject.

Thurston County Jail

Jail is part of a security maintenance scheme where the lawbreakers get separated from the community. For example, in Thurston, Nebraska, there is the Thurston County Jail. The facility is a medium-level jail facility with a capacity of 425 inmates.  Here you will find both men and women arrested from different locations within the county, including towns and surrounding municipalities. Like most county jails in the US, the inmates are often of various crimes ranging from robbery to murder to rape, kidnapping, and many more. While some come here from local arrests, some are out of transfers from other security departments. Thurston County jail sits on a highly secured premise staffed by 24/7 security camera surveillance, security guards, and reinforced walls. So it is strange for newcomers, at least those who have never stepped foot in prison cells. The inmate intake here is daily. First, all the newcomers here find a book-in reception that includes recording names and other identification details. Once you pass this step, the next is intake cells. Here you will find other newcomers who came earlier – they will be waiting for a trial like you. Thurston County jail offers jail terms up to three years. From the court, those found guilty immediately start serving their given terms. Sometimes, they get segregated based on special considerations such as health, behaviors, and term length, among many others.

Life at Thurston County Jail

You don't have to expect roses when you come to Thurston County Jail. The treatment is pretty much similar to those of other typical jails in us. One of what you expect of cause is a place to sleep. Usually, it is a regular metal bed with a simple mattress and bedding. There isn't much than a toilet within the room sometimes. There are separations between the cells; however, there is room for sharing. You could be two, three, or four in a room, depending on the room's size. Food is always available, though not the exact one you would love. So do not expect pizza, chicken, or your favorite dessert, and sometimes it may never be exactly enough. Much fulfillment you can get here is when you become a trustee. You consistently earn this title when you get to charge of various inmate-centered departments within the jail premises. Trustees, in this case, therefore, can be a cook, a laundry manager, storekeeper, or any other. Typically, the Thurston County Jail functions under the county sheriff's office. The correction officers under this department are rehabilitation-oriented. Their focus, therefore, is bettering the inmates' behavior.

Thurston County Sheriffs Office

106 5th Street, Pender, Nebraska, 68047

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Thurston County Jail Information

Postal Code
Thurston County
Phone Number
County Jail
106 5th Street PO Box 370, Pender, NE, 68047


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