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Saline County Sheriff

Saline County Sheriff

Updated on: March 24, 2023
The Saline County sheriff's office started back in the 1800s with V. Brazil, the first to serve between 1835 and 1836. The co-mission for the establishment was to provide excellent Public Service by observing high levels of integrity, accountability, and excellence to the Saline County residents. The vision is to uphold respect and humility, thus empowering the entire sheriff team for better cooperation and endurance. The central values of the Saline County office include:
  1. Relations: The office tries to form a good relationship between themselves and their subjects. The results of this have been enduring respect and growth throughout the organization as well as the community.
  2. Integrity: Secondly, Honesty and accountability remain paramount to the team.
  3. Stewardship: The office holds the responsibility of every duty entrusted to them
  4. Excellence: The sheriff's office does its best to deliver the best
Saline County Sheriff's office currently consists of various officers in charge of varied departments, from the registry to correction. Working with this team, therefore, is a fantastic experience. First, you will be able to interact with the community and help them solve insecurity cases. The office of Sheriff Saline County works under federal and county laws. Therefore, it means that their coverage applies to all the towns, streets, and municipalities within the region. Unfortunately, their mode of operation has been continued patrol, managing jails, arresting lawbreakers, and overly upholding peace and prosperity.

Community centered policing

The saline county sheriff's office works closely with the surrounding communities to help solve various crime cases. The quickest communication method has been 911 which works quickly effectively. Whenever a resident spots a crime, they will call up this number, which often responds. Secondly, another way such a relationship is progressing is that most officers here come from the native regions. It, therefore, means that they perfectly understand the culture of people around, where most crimes happen, and the perpetrators. Other than spying, the sheriffs here also patrol. You will find their cars parked along particular streets and neighborhoods, keeping a 24/7 watch on the community.

Officer motivation

The saline county sheriff's office gives gratitude to those officers who do well at their work. However, the year award to such officers is only a symbol. Selection to these awards follows an analytical criterion where the vetted officer much achieves specific qualifications. Key factors they consider, therefore, are behavior, punctuality, and cases solved. For those who may wish to join the department, there are often advertisements you can check. Click here to see the latest.

Saline County jail, Nebraska

Saline county jail is the main correction facility in Saline, Nebraska. The department falls under the jurisdiction of the county's sheriff's office. Here there are nine sub-sheriff officers typically deployed to manage the division.

Essential duties of the deputy sheriffs

The following are the critical duties of the nine sheriffs as stipulated by the Saline County office.
  1. Offering security to the inmates: All officers monitor the various pods therein the Jail. The pods are;
  • One female pod
  • A total of 8 male pods
  • Three holding cells
The officers on duty will monitor all the pods through cameras, windows, and intercoms available at the housing desk.
  1. Court Appearances: Secondly, the jail officers on duty will accompany the inmates to various court sessions, whether video arranged or actual court environments.
  2. Registering incoming Inmates: All incoming inmates must have their details registered in the arrest records. General Book-ins information in this case, therefore, includes photographs, medical, fingerprinting, and emergency contact information.
  3. 4. Buy property: The jail staff has specific products they can buy at the facility. These properties include; eyeglasses, sealed contact solutions, contact lenses, and dentures.
Each of the nine officers must excel in the POST certification channel offered via the Missouri State. According to the law, this certification is renewable; however, an officer must meet the 24 hours training each year.

Inmates at Saline County jail

The reception at saline county jail pretty much resembles those you find in other prison setups. The incoming inmates join the rest in various cells established for the daily intakes. Here they remain under strict watch by the officers on duty. Saline County jail is a mid-level detainment facility that holds inmates awaiting either their trials or sentencing. The men and women who find themselves here often have committed various crimes against local and federal laws. Therefore, some of the typical crime cases involved include robbery, sexual assaults, trespass, murder, kidnapping, etc. Life in this prison is never different from what you would expect, timely food, freedom, and sleep. Hence, the inmates here access three meals a day and a bed to sleep; however, it's never all that merry, especially to anyone who has never tested prison before. The premise is often under strict watch, 24/7 with guard and security cameras all over. However, those who adapt and begin showing good behaviors sometimes get lucky being entrusted with special duties. A typical title for them is trustees. They look after the rest in matters, cooking, laundry, cleanness, etc. Therefore, the compensation for this is often added respect and, in some cases, little money. Most inmates here stay not more than three years. After this period, most of them walk out changed – they always understand why they got convicted.

Saline County Sheriffs Office

911 South Main Street, Wilber, Nebraska, 68465

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Saline County Jail Information

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Saline County
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County Jail
911 South Main Street PO Box 911, Wilber, NE, 68465


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