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Nuckollis County Sheriff

Nuckollis County Sheriff

Updated on: March 2, 2023
Nuckollis County Sheriff's Department is a law enforcement agency that serves the county of Nuckolls, Nebraska. The department has been serving the community for over 100 years, providing public safety to residents and visitors alike. They have become known as one of the most progressive departments in Nebraska because of their willingness to adopt new technologies into policing, such as body cameras. The Nuckolls County Sheriff's Department was established in 1907, with just two deputies assigned to serve all areas of Nuckolls County. Today, they are an organization that employs approximately 200 people who serve more than 25,000 citizens living throughout five townships and three villages within Nebraska. Their headquarters is located at 10 West 2nd Street, Nelson, NE, 68961, where they also house the county jail.

Opportunities at the Nuckolls County Sheriff's Department

Nuckollis County Sheriff's Department is always looking for qualified applicants to join their team of employees, and prospective deputies can check out jobs available on the website. They are also proud to offer opportunities for citizens interested in volunteering with an organization that works hard every day on behalf of all Nebraskans. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact their organization. Roles of the sheriff office Nuckollis County Sheriff's Department is committed to serving and protecting citizens of the county by enforcing laws, deterring crime, and maintaining order while providing a safe environment for all people who live in or visit the area. For example, they have provided training on school safety to public schools throughout Nebraska. Nuckollis County Sheriff's Department is also dedicated to maintaining a close partnership with law enforcement partners to make sure that they can protect everyone who lives here or visits Nuckollis county. For example, they have partnered with Nebraska State Patrol to help with the state's high-priority enforcement efforts.

Roles of the officers and deputies

The Nuckollis County Sheriff's Department has four officers and two deputies. Their primary responsibilities include providing patrol services for the county, investigating crimes, and assisting victims of crime. They are also dedicated to helping those with mental illness who live in Nuckollis County. They partner with Nebraska Mental Health Services to provide a collaborative law enforcement-mental health service delivery model that has been shown to reduce both officer and inmate recidivism rates. The Nuckollis County Sheriff's Department is an excellent team of people who care about the community they serve. I would recommend them to anyone looking for law enforcement services in their area!

Nuckollis County jail

Nuckollis County jail is a correctional facility for men and women. It is located at 50 West 2nd Street, Nelson, Nebraska, 68961 USA. The county jail has an average of 50 inmates at any given time, but it can hold up to 100 if needed. Nuckolls County jail was built in 1998 with the help of many different people in the community who donated money or helped build it. Inmates in this facility are accused of a variety of crimes against society. Some inmates may be charged with drug charges, assault, or theft and the list goes on from there. The Nuckolls County jail also houses federal prisoners sentenced for more than one year in a correctional facility such as this one.

Inmates stay and amenities.

The average inmate's stay at the county lock-up is about two months. This is a short time for someone to be incarcerated, but it does not mean that the inmates are any less serious or dangerous than those in other jails being held longer-term Nuckollis County jail offers different amenities and services depending on what you need while there, like medical, dental, mental health, and religious counseling. The facility has an outdoor recreational area for the inmates to exercise and relax. There is also a library, classrooms where they can take college courses offered from schools like Bellevue University and Central Community College.

Jail services

Nuckollis County jail offers many services, but it doesn't stop there; it's not just about what you can do inside the facility; it's about what you'll need when outside. Nuckolls County jail offers bail bond services and connects inmates with people that can provide them a better understanding of their legal rights to be released from custody by posting bail or raising money for release through an online crowdfunding site like

Sheriff role in the jail

Everything in prison is under the Sheriff's office who is in charge of the facility. He supervises junior officers, maintains the security of inmates and their personal property, and ensures that there is a prison staff member on duty at all times. Finally, the jail administration includes a chief deputy, who is in charge of all jail operations not related to housing inmates and providing them with medical care. Nuckollis County jail has been doing their job for many years now, and they're good at it. It's obvious that the people working there have had plenty of experience dealing with inmates before, and they know exactly what they're doing.

Nuckolls County Sheriffs Department

150 Main Street, Nelson, Nebraska, 68961

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Nuckollis County Jail Information

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