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Morrill County Sheriff

Morrill County Sheriff

Updated on: May 12, 2023

Background Information

Morrill County was carved out of Cheyenne County in 1908. It is named after Charles Henry Morrill, a president of the Lincoln Land Company. Morrill County is situated in the western part of Nebraska. The County Seat of Morrill in Bridgeport. Bridgeport is the largest city in Morrill. According to the 2014 population census, Morrill County had a population estimate of 4,903, while the 2019 census population decreased to 4,781. The county covers an area of 1,423.84 square miles. There are 3.5 persons per square mile.  Morrill County Sheriff's Office is located at 113 6th St, NE 69336, and has an elevation of 1118 meters. Its location is Southwest of Northport, next to the Morrill County Courthouse. The zip codes in Morrill County include 69125, 69331, and 69336. Milo Cardenas, the Morrill County Sheriff, is the head law enforcement officer in the county. Sheriff's Department Responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office

The Morrill County Sheriff's Department is in charge of management and operations at the Morrill County Jail. The officers from the sheriff's office are responsible for maintaining a database of all detainees in the facility. Morrill County Sheriff's Department, NE, is responsible for enforcing all the laws that apply to Morrill county residents. These include local, state, and federal laws. It has the task of police crime in Morrill and the surrounding area. Morrill County arrest warrants have descriptions of the suspect and the criminal charges placed on the suspect.  Morrill County Sheriff's Departments may also issue Morrill County search warrants. The search warrants contain information about the targeted individual and the evidence sought by the sheriff.   

County Records

Morrill County Sheriff Departments issue warrants for people suspected of committing crimes and maintain the records. The records are available to the public online for inspection.  You can also access the records at the Morrill County Sheriff's Office. Annually, Morrill County records about 70 criminal reports. Most of the crimes reported in Morrill County are theft cases with a rate of about 40%. Violence claims amount to about 2% of the incidents per year, most assault cases.

Morrill County Jail

The Morrill County Jail is situated in Bridgeport, Nebraska. The Morrill County Jail is managed and operated by the Morrill County Sheriff's Office. The jail is a minimum-security correctional facility. Morrill County Jail currently houses more than 131 prisoners. It has a capacity of about 179 inmates and a maximum capacity of 214 in cases of emergency. It registers about 4370 bookings annually from all of Morrill County. The Morrill County Jail mission is to ensure safety and security for both inmates and the staff.  It is managed daily by trained correctional staff, including; one commander, four sergeants, eight officers, and transport personnel. In total, there are seventy-nine staff members under Milo Cardenas, the Morrill County Nebraska Sheriff. Prisoners housed here have either been condemned for a crime or are presently in the pre-preliminary stage. The Morrill County Jail houses both male and female inmates. It is the most extensive correctional facility in Morrill County. It is responsible for the welfare of the inmates, that is, transport, mental well-being and personal health, and housing the inmates. In addition to incarceration, a warrant service unit receives up to 600 warranties in a single month. The inmates maintain the grounds at the Morrill County Jail. The Morrill County Jail houses inmates awaiting sentencing and ones who are already convicted. The facility works closely with law enforcement agencies like US Marshals, Immigration, Department of Corrections, Nebraska County Patrol, and Morrill County Sheriff's Office. Morrill County Jail mostly holds inmates who reside in Morrill County. The inmates held here have jail terms of no more than a 2-year sentence.

Jail Operations

The Morrill County Jail operations involve:
  • Receiving new inmates to the jail.
  • Releasing inmates whose jail terms have ended.
  • Placing detainees on probation.
They also release detainees who place bail.

Inmates Welfare

The Morrill County Jail provides welfare programs to the inmates. The programs allow the inmates to lessen their jail term fines through community service. The facility also offers other programs such as library services and educational programs. The programs help inmates increase their skills and knowledge. To assist the inmates in reintegrating smoothly back into the community, the facility offers counseling sessions to inmates. Inmates incarcerated at the Morrill County Jail may be assigned duties to serve as kitchen staff, do laundry, or as orderlies. Those assigned such duties may be paid a stipend or have their jail terms lessened. Morrill County Jail ensures a secure jail environment by continually monitoring inmates' behavior. They separate violent inmates from the non-violent population at all times.

Morrill County Sheriffs Office

113 6th Street, Bridgeport, Nebraska, 69336

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Morrill County Jail Information

Postal Code
Morrill County
Phone Number
County Jail
PO Box 858, Bridgeport, NE, 69334


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