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Merrick County Sheriff

Merrick County Sheriff

Updated on: February 19, 2023
Merrick County is located in the eastern part of Nebraska. It is part of the Grand Island, NE, and its county seat is in Central City Merrick. Merrick County’s license plate system is represented by the prefix 46, as established in 1922. It is named after the wife of area legislator Henry W. DePuy’s wife, Elvira Merrick. Henry W. DePuy introduced the bill that created the county. Merrick County was created in 1858 and organized in 1864. It had a population of 7,845 residents as per the 2010 US census. Merrick County has a 485 square miles area in total.  The Merrick County Sheriff, John Westman, is the head law enforcement officer in the county. The Merrick County Sheriff’s Office is situated at 1821 16th Avenue, Central, Nebraska, 68826. 

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a crucial responsibility of the Merrick County Sheriff’s office. The office ensures that the residents of Merrick County have a safe environment.  Officers from the sheriff’s office patrol around the county. Inmates that may get arrested for offending the law are listed and processed at different correctional facilities in the county. There are three police departments in Merrick County; the Central City Police Department, Clarks Police Department, and the Silver Creek Police Department. These collaborate to provide information on criminal activities in the county. The Merrick County Sheriff’s office provides access to inmate listings online for public inspection.

Merrick County Arrest Records

Law enforcement authorities in Merrick County maintain crime records such as arrest records, warrant searches, sex offender registry, etc.  Records keeping helps in tracking crime and law offenders. Property crime includes fraud, theft, and burglary while, violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and assault. Violent crime is the most reported in the county. These records are available to the public on request at the sheriff’s office, Central City, NE.

Correctional Facilities

The Merrick County Sheriff Office supervises management and operations at the Merrick County Jail. The jail mainly holds inmates going through a trial or awaiting sentences. It was built in 1939 and houses about 161 inmates. In times of emergencies, it can hold up to a maximum of 193. The Merrick County Sheriff’s office supervises operations in this prison. When a detainee is sentenced to a jail term of fewer than two years, they are transferred to a state facility. The dispatch center has five dispatch officers, seven agents, two money-related representatives, and a supervisor. The Merrick County Sheriff’s office also has two highly trained directors. They deal with the incidence of law offenses and handle investigations around Merrick County.  

The Merrick County Jail, NE

The Merrick County Jail is a medium prison in Merrick County. The facility is located at 1821 16th Avenue, Central City, NE, 68826, and was built in 1978. The jail is under the supervision of the Merrick County Sheriff. The Merrick County houses inmates undergoing trial and those awaiting their sentences. It has a capacity of about 161 inmates and a maximum capacity of 193 in case of an emergency. Inmates held in this prison are over 18 years. Merrick County Jail is a shorter-term facility, housing inmates serving less than one year, are still awaiting trial, or have been sentenced but are awaiting transfer to a different facility. Merrick County Jails handles all cases in respect of the local, state, and federal laws. It collaborates with the justice department to ensure law offenders arrested are booked and convicted to the appropriate correctional facility. Merrick County jail maintains inmates' records with the necessary offenders' information such as arrest charges, jail transfers, bond information, etc., and provides the information to the public through online databases.

Prison Staff

The Merrick County Sheriff Office is in charge of operations and management at the Merrick County Jail. The jail is managed daily by a well-trained correctional staff composed of one commander, ten sergeants, and 20 officers. There is also a group of transport personnel in charge of moving inmates to separate holding facilities and the courthouse. The facility is operated and maintained by the Nebraska Department of Corrections (NDCS) Merrick County Jail may engage more than 99 prisoners to help administer its laundry, catering services in the kitchen, and other duties within the jail. Merrick County Jail staff also supervises the Merrick County Work Leave Center (WFC).

Welfare Programs

Merrick County Jail prepares and promotes the offender for release and smooth integration back into society. Merrick County Jails has implemented many programs that assist the released inmates in leading successful and crime-free lives. Some of the support programs include; Volunteer services, educational programs, substance abuse programs, religious programs, educational programs, and work-release programs. At the Merrick County Jail, inmates are allowed to earn General Education Development (GED). GED helps those who have completed their jail term to settle swiftly in life outside of the jail.  The prison has religious services and counseling sessions for the inmates offered by chaplains. There are Bible study programs for the inmates too. Jail Contacts If you are planning a visit to the jail or require any information concerning the prison, you may reach the jail through the Sheriff's official site.

Merrick County Sheriffs Office

1821 16th Avenue, Central, Nebraska, 68826

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Merrick County Jail Information

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