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Lancaster County Juvenile Detention Center

Lancaster County Juvenile Detention Center

Updated on: February 19, 2023
Like most states in the US, criminal acts are always against the serving laws; federal, state, or local. As for this, there is often no difference whether it is a minor or an adult who commits them. Juvenile jails exist as rehabilitation/ correction centers for youths under twenty-one found on the wrong side of the law. Like most detention centers, the Lancaster County Juvenile Detention Center offers an opportunity for such youths to reflect upon their life and change to be better people in society. The arrests of an adult and a minor is often the same. The law officers on duty will always handcuff the culprit and lead them up to the station. Next will be book-in procedures followed by detention at the daily intake cells awaiting trials, pre-trials, and even post trials. In a similar situation as adults' detention, all minors brought here remain, suspects until proven guilty. Sometimes, juveniles get released back to the community the same day basing on the crimes they commit. Others find themselves remaining either under secure confinement or secure detention.

Services provided to the juvenile detainees

There is a slight difference from what you would expect between a minor's detainment and that of adults. In this case, Lancaster county Juvenile Detention Centre tends not to punish the junior citizens instead give them a better lead in better living with the rest of society. Juveniles at Lancaster County jail usually receive consistent care based on parens patriae doctrine. What this means is that the state will now be acting as the minor's parents. When it comes to education, health, recreation, intervention, counseling, and assessment services, both the local and state take responsibility. The intent always is to keep the minors well and alive while serving their time at the prison.

Security at the jail

The Lancaster County Juvenile Detention Centre stays under a 24/7 security watch protecting minors from inside or outward attacks. Usually, there is tension from the outside, parents, and guardians wanting to break in and save their children; however, this is never happening. The premise stays manned daily through a friendly security team that involves recent most surveillance technology. Other roles correction guards play here include escorting the minors to and from courts. There is always a strict schedule for those suspects who attend the court session from outside.  Failure to adhere to the sessions would otherwise attract unfavorable responses from the courts. Conclusively, the jail roster always gives information on the inmates and recent arrests – you can always check this to find a family member. Above all, visit the official website here for more information about Lancaster County sheriff & juvenile jail.

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

The Lancaster County sheriff's office is a security department in charge of law enforcement across the county's boundaries. Its current location is in Lancaster County Courthouse, where it shares premises with the various security departments, including the Lancaster county juvenile detention center.

Essential duties of a county sheriff

The primary security agency in Lancaster County is the Lancaster County sheriff's office. While it cooperates with the rest of the county's security departments, below are some of its fundamental duties.
  • Execution of challenging court orders
  • Collection of delinquent property taxes
  • Prisoner's extradition from other states
  • Serving civil procedures and warrants
  • Offering security to county courts and districts
  • Transportation of jail prisoners
For effective service deliverance, the sheriff's office has a variety of units supporting its significant works. For instance, there are the road patrol units. Often you will see them across various streets, police cars branded Lancaster County Sheriff. They respond to emergencies within their locations, especially when they reach out to the department through the 911 number. Another unit is the crash team – they respond to crashes on the road. Therefore, whenever a fatal accident occurs, they are the quick response team, which includes investigators.

Sheriff's office

The Lancaster County sheriff's office is an elective one. After every four years, there is a contest upon which the winning candidate assumes the seat. Sometimes the outgoing sheriff can via again and win. Therefore, in these cases, people must feel thrilled to elect them again based on their previous leadership state.

In regards to the minors

While it is common for law enforcement to apply strictly to adults, the sheriff's office of Lancaster also majors on minors. This group refers to members of the society with ages below twenty-one years. Throughout the history of crimes, children have engaged in many illegal activities such as rape, murders, robbery, drug trafficking, etc. These have happened all across the world. However, while some of these cases are justifiable, others occur dues to rogue behaviors, which the law does not generally allow. School Resource Officers (SROs) is a particular unit under the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office that directly deals with most minors. Based on their skillful training, the officers here respond accordingly to the crimes committed by typical juveniles. This unit plays a security guard role to specified school institutions; Raymond Central, Norris, Waverly, and Malcolm. The team detects crimes, planned attacks, and so on, safeguarding the lives of the inhabitants.

Lancaster County Sheriffs Office

575 South 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508

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Lancaster County Juvenile Detention Center Information

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