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Howard County Sheriff

Howard County Sheriff

Updated on: February 18, 2023
Howard County has been in existence since its foundation in 1871. It is in Central Nebraska, along the Loup River Valley, and currently, it has a population of 6,247 citizens as per the 2010 census data. The county is represented by prefix 49 as per the Nebraska license plate system. Ideally, this prefix denotes that the county indicated the 49th highest number of cars registered when the licensing system was first implemented in 1922. This county takes its name after Civil War General Oliver Otis Howard. The county seat is in the city of St. Paul, and Tom Busch is the current county sheriff. The sheriff's department is the primary law enforcement agency. The Sheriff's Office employs four sworn full-time deputies, five sworn part-time deputies, one reserve deputy, 1 K-9 (Jet), six 911 Dispatchers, and two support staff. In the early ages, the Sheriff and Deputies would furnish their own cars until the county purchased their first patrol unit in the fall of 1989. Notably, the department is open from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm.

County Information 

  • Area: 1,492 square kilometers.
  • Unemployment rate: 3.2% as of February 2021.
  • Cities: Saint Paul, Dannebrog, Farwell, Saint Libory, Boelus, Elba, Cotesfield, and Cushing.

Howard County Fingerprinting

You can visit the sheriff's office or the county police department for any fingerprinting services in this county. Ideally, this service is necessary for those who apply for a certificate/permit and have not been in the county for the previous five years. The office is often open any day of the week for fingerprinting services from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, except on Thursdays. However, contacting ahead of time to confirm the availability of a particular service is essential for convenience. Similarly, the police department follows the same procedure for fingerprinting purposes.

Guns Permit

Anyone interested in obtaining a gun permit should go to the county sheriff's office between 8 am, and 5 am Monday through Friday. However, to apply for a gun license, a person must meet specific criteria which feature the following:
  • Ownership of driver's license.
  • Attainment of the age of 21 or above.
  • A person must have never been a crime convict.
  • An application fee of $5.

Howard County Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspection service in the county is a critical endeavor. As such, vehicle owners need to ensure that their vehicles undertake an inspection. The service is available at the sheriff's office from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. In addition, the Howard County Sheriff's Office conducts vehicle inspections for out-of-state titled vehicles. Original title and the vehicle should be taken to the sheriff's department for inspection. The office charges an inspection fee of $10 as per the county rules.

Howard County Jail

Situated at 612 Indian Street, St Pau, Nebraska, the Howard County Jail is an adult medium-security correctional facility. The facility detains offenders awaiting trial, sentencing, and court appearances. Moreover, it houses multiple jurisdiction offenders who have received a maximum period not exceeding one year in incarceration. Unlike in many states, the Sherriff Department offices are inside the county jail. The facility holds more than 63 inmates, with several bookings exceeding 2600 inmates a year with an average of 50 bookings a day. The inmates are under the care of 119 staff members under the governorship of the Nebraska County Sherriff Office.

Inmate Intake And Release

Howard County Jail accepts inmates from the sheriff's department and other law enforcement agencies in the county. Inmates here have either been condemned for a crime or are presently in the pre-preliminary stage of their cases. Ideally, the offenders have the right to seek legal counsel or representation from an attorney, depending on their circumstances and charges. In a situation where inmates cannot afford an attorney, the State appoints an attorney for them. Like in other States of the United States of America, bonds in the State of Nebraska are set depending on the level of crime one commits. However, this State does not accept commercial bonds since it no longer allows outside bail companies to act as agents for inmates. Unlike other states in the US, this State runs its bail bond program by itself. So, inmates have to pay the bonds themselves or acquire help from family members or friends. But only if they do not want to stay in jail until court day.

Convicted Inmates.

This facility accommodates inmates with a sentence of less than a maximum period of one year. Those with jail term periods exceeding this period join the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Nebraska State Prison System to serve their sentences. However, illegal immigrants convicted under this county are subject to finish their sentence in their respective detention centers approved by Immigration Custody and Enforcement accordingly. Moreover, they are subject to placement under the Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody for immediate or later deportation after serving their sentences.

VINE Victim Notification

This computer program allows people, especially crime victims, to have real-time information about certain criminals. Ideally, this system allows you to access the following additional information on an inmate:
  • Location information
  • Parole status of an inmate
  • Sentence expiration date
  • Inmate Transfer

Inmate Probation

Probation officers Investigate and supervise the conduct of offenders on probation. Also, they are responsible for ensuring that inmates are behaving as per the court orders. The adoption of this program has led to a reduction in congestion in the sheriff's department and county jail. It has led to effectiveness in the operations of the activities in the facility.

Howard County Sheriffs Office

612 Indian Street, St. Paul, Nebraska, 68873

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Howard County Jail Information

St Pau
Postal Code
Howard County
Phone Number
County Jail
612 Indian Street, St Pau, NE, 68873


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