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Hamilton County Sheriff

Hamilton County Sheriff

Updated on: February 24, 2023
The Hamilton County Sheriffs’ office handles diverse duties which are highlighted below.
  • Upholding Public Safety

The office of the County Sheriff is in Aurora, Nebraska. The Hamilton Sheriff’s office undertakes fundamental duties in the region. Illustratively, the security institution upholds public safety in Hamilton through public policing. Subsequently, the County Sheriffs’ office controls all functions in correctional facilities that have no other government agencies in their boards of management or under the watch of the county government. Keeping proper jail records is one of the functions that the agency undertakes. The agency collaborates with the community to achieve its mandate of maintaining peace and security in Hamilton. The office of the County Sheriffs protects life and property, a priority function for all law enforcing agencies. As a matter of fact, the agency’s mission statement is to safeguard the rights of all people, including the right to life and property ownership. The County Sheriffs’ office extends its critical services to areas that the municipal police and other security agencies do not cover. As a result, people feel safe wherever they choose to stay in Hamilton, Nebraska.
  • Appointing Deputies

The County Sheriffs’ office in Hamilton appoints deputies. The deputies appointed by the County Sheriffs’ office take charge of numerous security functions. For instance, the deputies manage the jails and facilitate inmate programs in correctional facilities such as the Hamilton County jail. Consequently, the appointed deputies make sure that no inmate escapes from jail and disrupt peace in Hamilton.
  • Collecting Tax in Undesignated Areas

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office takes responsibility to collect tax in areas that the municipality does not incorporate in its taxation system. The county office forwards the money collected as tax to the municipal for effective county planning. Other legal obligations for the County Sheriffs' office include repossessions and foreclosures in the bid to enforce legal judgments. Importantly, the County Sheriffs’ office provides sanitation services in areas where the municipal does not reach. The agency relentlessly serves the taxpayers in Hamilton with the aim of improving the quality of life for all people.
  • Civil Duties

The Hamilton County Sheriffs’ office handles civil duties within the region. The functions include enforcing legal notices and petitions that other government agencies make. For instance, it is the work of the Sheriffs’ office to enforce the crackdown of drug trafficking networks within Hamilton as the county government proposes.Also, the office conducts Sheriffs’ sales when needed. Illustratively, the Sheriffs’ office auctions any property that belongs to the agency and is no longer in use. For instance, there are times when jails need to expand and have the alternative of selling their buildings and raise funds to build more sophisticated facilities. As such, the County Sheriffs’ office is instrumental in completing numerous government duties within Hamilton.

Hamilton County Jail

The Hamilton County jail is a fully functional correctional facility that provides extensive services to inmates, workers, and society entirely. The 44 beds medium-level county jail houses people who are serving or are yet to be tried in court since its establishment in 1993. Men and women make the population of inmates held at the institution for committing various law offenses. The management treats inmates with dignity, respect, and fairness to motivate them to transform into responsible persons who abide by the law. The institution cements its reputation as a correctional facility that not only incarcerates proven criminals but goes an extra mile to rehabilitate them into responsible persons.

The population of Jail Staff

Hamilton County Jail employs a significant number of workers. To be specific, the correctional facility employs at least 125 correctional officers. The officers are responsible for ensuring security in the jail by protecting themselves, inmates, and guests who come to see their loved ones in the facility. Additionally, the correctional institution has an average of 33 jail staff who are regular citizens. The 33 regular workers handle various duties in the jail ranging from operating jail kiosks and doing kitchen work. Most importantly, Hamilton County Jail employs three security experts who are well-versed with county jail upkeep programs. Also, an average of 150 volunteer workers collaborates with the institution to undertake various duties. For instance, the volunteers come to visit inmates at the facility as religious clergies; they spend time with the inmates on the scheduled visits and motivate them to become law-abiding and responsible people during their jail terms and after getting out of jail.

Jail Programs

Hamilton County Jail has useful inmate programs to keep the detainees busy with productive activities. The management provides inmates with the opportunity to join academic lessons in making sure that they improve their literacy levels during their stay in jail. Inmates also receive industrial lessons such as cooking, laundry, and other related skills. As a matter of fact, being idle in jail can easily push inmates into mental issues such as depression. Likewise, the thought of breaking from jail normally crosses the minds of idle inmates and as the saying goes; an idle mind is a workshop for the devil. Hamilton County Jail eradicates the vice of idleness and opportunistic mental issues through its helpful inmate programs. More information about Hamilton County Jail is available on its official website.

Hamilton County Sheriffs Office

715 12th Street, Aurora, Nebraska, 68818

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Hamilton County Jail Information

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Hamilton County
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County Jail
715 12th Street, Aurora, NE, 68818-2306


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