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Hall County Sheriff

Hall County Sheriff

Updated on: April 24, 2023
Hall County Sheriff's Office has a clear mission to serve and protect all people in Nebraska and Americans entirely. All officers working with the institution have the dedication to achieve the mission. As a matter of fact, Hall County Sheriffs’ Office does not have even a single corrupt deputy in the team. The agency motivates all staff to exercise high integrity levels in their operations. Likewise, the sheriffs know the repercussions of engaging in any feverish, malice, or prejudice when discharging services to the community. Respect, integrity, and dignity are all that the agency requests from its staff members. Hall County Sheriff's Office values the people of Nebraska and all Americans as a whole. Consequently, the agency builds a good relationship with the community through public trust.

Supporting Correctional Facilities

Hall County Sheriffs’ Office offers extensive support to jails in its region. Impressively, the agency provides jails' management with sufficient skills and resources to attain their objectives smoothly. For instance, the agency trains its deputies on the best ways to interact with detainees and help them to become better people. Effectively, the officers deployed to the jails and especially the Hall County Detention Center uses the acquired skills to instill positive changes in inmates. The strategy provides inmates with the best environment to correct their behaviors and become likable characters in society. Unlike the old-fashioned security systems, Hall County Sheriffs’ Office does not embrace hostility against incarcerated individuals. Instead, the institution brings jail staff closer to the inmates through the social and interactive training programs that it offers to the deputies.


The agency has precise operating mechanisms. Hall County Sheriffs’ Office works around the clock by adopting a 24-hour operational routine. As such, the people of Nebraska can receive security services without delay whenever a need arises. Hall County Sheriffs’ Office collaborates with other security agencies to improve security in the region. The SWAT, Criminal Investigations units, Dive Teams, and Warrant Service departments are some of the systems that work with the Sheriffs’ Office. Find detailed information about the agency on this link.

Hall County Detention Center

Hall County Detention Center has a long history that dates back to its one-storey wooden structure in 1892. Currently, the HCHS (Hall County Historical Society) owns the old structure. Also, the ancient wooden jail appears on the national register of historic places since 1992. $4,522,822 is the estimated value of the current Hall County Detention Center. However, the value will increase in the future as the institution expands to cater to the needs of the rapidly growing population in Nebraska. Also, the management has noted the need to expand its capacity by building more units to promote social distancing in response to the COVID-19 virus and other potential hazards. Currently, the assorted adult jail has a capacity of 1002 beds and a team of 200 jail workers. The institution also issues an average of 600 arrest warrants monthly.

COVID-19 Measures

The management at Hall County Detention Center has laid proper measures to control the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus within the facility. To prove this, jail staff manning the entry point screens any guest who comes to visit inmates at the jail. Also, inmates and attorneys must pass COVID-19 screening before gaining further access in the jail. In the cases of suspected COVID-19 patients, the management contacts the relevant healthcare authorities for support. Subsequently, the institution boasts of sufficiently trained healthcare staff in its workforce. The trained staff sorts the manageable medical needs of inmates. Currently, Hall County Detention Center does not house COVID-19 positive inmates in its units due to the risk of rapid infections. However, Hall County Detention Center is strategizing on more efficient ways to control the healthcare scare. In an illustration, the institution has interests in procuring sufficient healthcare items to combat COVID-19. For instance, the institution will possibly obtain hi-tech screening equipment in the near future. The technology will lessen the workload of jail staff. Currently, the priority is to vaccinate any willing inmate against the virus to minimize the risks that the disease has on normal jail functions.

PREA Status

Hall County Detention Center complies with PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)policy which clearly rebukes any incidences of sexual assault within jails in the U.S. Clearly, the management has posted PREA policies on the notice board. Therefore, everyone can see it when they enter the jail. Also, the management has distributed the posters in strategic places within the jail to make sure that the information reaches everyone. As such, the management will take to court anyone suspected or proven to be engaging in the vice of sexual assault. If the guilty culprit is an inmate, they will earn more time to their jail term. Likewise, the offenders will be dismissed and possibly face the law if they are part of jail staff. Strictly, the management applies PREA regulations without favor and will not spare even the person holding the highest office in Hall County Detention Center.

Hall County Sheriffs Office

111 Public Safety Drive, Grand Island, Nebraska, 68801

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