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Hall County Department of Corrections

Hall County Department of Corrections

Updated on: March 4, 2023
The Hall County Department of Corrections is committed to providing protection and public safety by managing incarcerated individuals in a controlled space. Additionally, it offers all services in a safe, appropriately secure, and humane inmate environment. The Department is located in the town of Green Island, Nebraska, where the county jail is. Importantly, to keep inmates and staff safe, the Department trains staff members continuously. The County-owned facility is under the management of the Hall County Board of Corrections. It was established in 2008, featuring ten housing including a dormitory, single-cell housing, and double occupancy. Accordingly, all housing units have a common dayroom area with visitation stations, shower facilities, telephones, and a table with chairs. Additionally, housing units have a fixed television except for Unit E; each housing unit except work release dorms is adjacent to the recreation and multi-purpose rooms. Hail County Jail under this Department currently holds 234 adult inmates.

Inmate Expected Behavior

The Department of Corrections expects all incarcerated individuals to comply with the following established behavioral guidelines:
  • Respect all correctional staff members; address all staff by rank
  • Maintain daily personal hygiene
  • Respect all jail property and that of other inmates during incarceration
  • Behave rationally in an adult manner; Unacceptable behavior attract disciplinary action falling into Minor or Major categories
  • Inmates are responsible for keeping their sleeping area and common areas orderly, sanitary, and clean
  • Close the door when exiting the cells
The facility prohibits inmates from exercising control over other detainees. Additionally, incarcerated individuals may not touch, bully, harass, extort, or intimidate fellow inmates. All inmates have the right to receive information on rules, schedules, and procedures about the facility’s operation. Additionally, they have the right to freedom of any religious affiliation and voluntary religious worship.

Media Reports

Daily media report comprises a detailed listing of offenders held in Hall County Jail; for instance, bond information. Site visitors can view current media reports and archived media reports from previous days and years. The facility requires site visitors to enter the date of the media report in the blanks and then click the GO button.

Court Procedures

The court handles its initial arraignment onsite in a video court; the court subsequently sets the offender's bond. Additionally, the courts are responsible for the scheduling processes.
  • Bonds
An inmate can choose to place a cash bond, a surety bond, or a 10% bond: A cash bond requires the offender to post the total amount of bond in cash. On the other hand, a Surety bond means an inmate may obtain a bond from a licensed professional bondsman; bondmen typically offer this service at a fee.  A judge sets the 10% bond where an offender can pay 10% of the total bond amount in cash only.

Hall County Sheriffs Office

111 Public Safety Drive, Grand Island, Nebraska, 68801

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Hall County Department of Corrections Information

Grand Island
Postal Code
Hall County
Phone Number
308-385-5211, 308-381-6594 ext 100
County Jail
110 Public Safety Drive, Grand Island, NE, 68801


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