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Franklin County Sheriff

Franklin County Sheriff

Updated on: March 10, 2023
Franklin County is situated in the southernmost part of Nebraska. The county is represented by the prefix 50 under the state’s license plate system, and its seat is in the city of Franklin. It is named after Benjamin Franklin, and its zip codes include 68972, 68939, 68981, and 68929. The current county sheriff is Jerry L. Archer.

Organizational Values

The Franklin County Sheriffs Office, NE, embraces integrity, fairness, respect, and dignity. In fact, the agency trains its staff to interact with people when discharging services actively. Ideally, the agency has used the strategy to develop a collaborative relationship with the public. The deputies are aware that all people deserve to be treated with dignity regardless of their criminal records. As such, the institution conducts security functions with high professionalism. The County Sheriffs Office, NE, insists that the need to ensure security does not warrant any officer to disregard humanity. However, there are exceptional cases where the sheriffs can use necessary force when dealing with stubborn suspects. Additionally, Franklin County Office offers social support to the inmates to help them improve their conduct. The agency achieves the mission by effectively training its deputies before assigning them to jails in Franklin County. Consequently, the deputies use the skills to guide inmates on the best conduct and simplify their transition into society after completing jail sentences.

Inmate Tracing

In rare cases, inmates can escape from jail and possibly threaten the peace of innocent civilians in Franklin County and the whole of Nebraska. However, the eagle-eyed sheriffs have the capability of tracing and returning fugitive inmates to jail. The institution collaborates with people of goodwill in the region to separate all criminals from society. Actually, the jail’s management urges the people of goodwill to report any suspicious incidences immediately. In response, the County Sheriff swings into action and arrests the suspects and confirmed law offenders. Two suspects escaped in 2020, and one is still in hiding. Swiftly, County Sheriffs re-arrested Brandon Britton (43) with the help of U.S. Marshals (Fugitive Task Force). Britton had escaped in the company of his friend Ronald. Also, the other missing fugitive, Ronald Taylor (52), is highly dangerous, and the County Sheriff cautions the public against confronting the individual. Instead, County Sheriff’s Office, NE, requests anyone who spots the fugitive to reach the office at 911 and 308-425-6231.

Career Opportunities

The County Sheriffs Office NE has open career slots that interested people can apply. Currently, the agency is recruiting deputies to reinforce the workforce since most incumbent deputies are retiring from their jobs due to the age factor. This trend has actually exposed the remaining staff to a heavy workload due to the increasing gap between prison staff and the inmate population in the county jail. As such, the County Sheriffs Office encourages people to apply for job positions in the agency and other security organs in the county. Hopefully, the County Sheriff is optimistic that the shortage of employees will end when more people join the policing forces. Anyone can find career information on the official website.

Franklin County Jail

Franklin County Jail is in Franklin County, Nebraska. The correctional institution is relatively small, with a capacity of 150 beds. Ideally, the jail only houses male and female inmates with 12-month sentences or those awaiting trial. Annually, Franklin County Jail receives an average of 2900 bookings since its establishment in 1989. The Franklin County Nebraska Sherriff, Jerry L. Archer, governs the institution alongside a team of 31 jail officers. The correctional institution features in the national list of jails that comply with the national prison standards. Of course, the jail seeks collaboration with the community to improve security in Franklin County and the entire state of Nebraska.

PREA Compliance

Franklin County Jail is strict on complying with PREA policy. The institution rebukes any acts of sexual violence. Regardless of who the culprit or the victim is, the institution will take drastic actions against the perpetrators of sexual crimes in the facility. As such, no jail staff has the right to violate an inmate and vice versa. The management conducts thorough investigations in all suspected cases of sexual assault within the jail. Consequently, the institution has successfully ensured the safety of all jail occupants through the strict application of PREA law.

Organizational Culture

Franklin County Jail adopts a positive culture that motivates the inmates to complete their sentences and resume normal lives. The facility is the complete opposite of the old-fashioned jails that keep inmates in unfriendly social environments. Impressively, the institution provides detainees with the best jail environment to improve behavior. In fact, the staff team in the facility is friendly to the inmates despite the strict jail policies. The team interacts well with the detainees, preventing them from feeling hopeless and the destitute state that often comes with unfriendly jail environments.

Jail Notifications

Franking County Jail is a correctional institution that values the community. Truly, the institution has the dedication to keep the public informed on all fundamental news. The information varies and may include updated inmate bookings and changes in jail policies. For instance, the management updates the list of booked or released inmates every 24-hours to ensure that the detainees are traceable. Consequently, people looking for their loved ones in the facility can obtain the information from the jail’s official website. Also, members of the public can request notifications by contacting jail staff on various platforms. The platforms include the official telephone number: 308-425-6231, text messages, and email, available on this site.

Franklin County Sheriffs Office

405 15th Avenue, Franklin, Nebraska, 68939

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Franklin County Jail Information

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Franklin County
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