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Douglas County Department of Corrections

Douglas County Department of Corrections

Updated on: February 15, 2023
Douglas county department of corrections is a jail located at 710 South 17th Street Omaha, Nebraska. With now an inmate capacity of over 740 1,453 beds, the facility is the largest in the Midwest region. Its opening was in July 1979. Back then, it used to house inmates in either immigration or criminal associated offenses. Throughout 1983, 1985, and recently 2005, the facility has kept expanding its inmate capacity from the original 12 housings, 200 single bed cells to the current numbers, 740 inmates, 1,453 beds. Currently, the jail has remained under the jurisdiction of the Douglas County Sherriff's office. The office composes of a technical security team specialized in handling various security matters within the county borders.

Facility structure

There is a typical structural organization and components you would find at Douglas County Department of Corrections. Firstly, it is the premise fence. Breaking out through it could be a highly challenging task out of its critical reinforcement. Secondly, there are the cell partitions, mental reinforced to ensure quality separations, and bulger proofing. Next, you will meet facilities like dining halls, recreational grounds, halls, and sections you will have your specialized training and other rehabilitation programs. In matters of security, the facility is relatively safe. There are correction guards on a 24/7 watch, always ensuring no escape nor attacks. Additionally, the security surveillance cameras installed almost everywhere keep an eye on what I happening along the corridors, halls, and every hidden section you might think. The jail facility is a story building fitted with cell partitions for the inmates. Each cell has an automated lock and unlocks system, which effectively works to control the inmates. Other office departments here also have unique locking systems such as fingerprints to ensure only authorized access.

Jail experience

Douglas County Department of Corrections jail has a similar experience as any other in the US. While there is food and sleep, the program is different from that of home. Here you will sleep most likely in a lesser bed size-wise, eat less professionally cooked food, sometimes not enough of it, indulge in specific tasking duties, and so on. While there could be such challenging experiences, there are lots of things you can learn as well. The training programs, guidance, and counseling above all are quite adequate for an influenced change. Some come out of this establishment with a reformed vision, a fundamental transformation they apply to society. For those not sure about the arrest of their loved ones to Douglas County jail, a roster jail always helps. Here you can find out all the daily book-ins for more information.

Douglas County Detention Center

Douglas County Detention Center has a clear mission to provide safe incarceration to adult inmates. Similarly, the correctional institution has adopted the model of rehabilitation centers. In explanation, the adult jail focuses more on reforming the inmates rather than punishing them for their past offenses. Of course, the institution operates strictly to the guidelines of statutory and constitutional standards.

Alternative Sentences

Douglas County Detention Center gives inmates the privilege of serving alternative sentences. However, the court must approve the alternative jail programs for the inmates. Afterward, the correctional facility provides the inmates with the best environment to complete their sentences. Inclusively, work release, house arrest, probation, and community service are on the list of alternative sentences. Of course, the privileges come with some cut-offs and responsibilities. Inmates who, personally or through their attorneys, request alternative jail sentences must qualify for the privileges. In an illustration, inmates who seek alternative jail programs because they have health issues must prove so with valid doctors' reports. Likewise, booked inmates with previous criminal records will likely miss the opportunities. Strictly, the detention center monitors inmates in alternative jail sentencing. They make the final decision on whether or not to grant the privileges to the inmates. Specifically, the jail ensures that all incarcerated individuals adhere to the boundaries set by jail management. For instance, inmates in work release programs must return to their cells in the agreed time. Failure to do so will prompt the jail to treat the inmate as an escapee. Also, all work-release inmates must:
  • Not have outstanding pledges.
  • Prove that, indeed, they are employed.
  • Have an easy criminal record, for instance, common crimes like DUI.

PREA Compliance

Douglas County Detention Center complements its mission for safe incarceration by applying the PREA Policy strictly. Firmly, the management prohibits everyone from engaging in any sexual assault acts. For instance, inmates must respect each other and not abuse the sexuality of their mates. Also, jail staff should not engage in similar acts against inmates. Inclusively, the management will prosecute jail staff, inmates, and visitors who commit the crimes. Inmates found guilty of the crimes will earn more time to their sentences and jail staff will face possible dismissals and prosecution. The institution does not bend this law whatsoever. If a senior jail staff commits the crime, the management turns against the culprit and takes stern legal actions against them. As such, Douglas County Detention Center is one of the best facilities for incarcerated people to serve. More information about the jail such as contact details is available on the official website.

Douglas County Sheriffs Office - Riddle Substation

3601 North 156th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68116

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Douglas County Department of Corrections Information

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Douglas County
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County Jail
710 South 17th Street, Omaha, NE, 68102


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