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Dixon County Sheriff

Dixon County Sheriff

Updated on: March 4, 2023
The Sheriffs Department in Dixon County, Nebraska, is the leading entity responsible for law enforcement. The location of the Sheriff's department in Ponca, NE; address 302 West 3rd Street, 68770. The department head is Sheriff Tom Decker, and he oversees all the department's significant decisions. The sheriff’s office is also responsible for the following activities:
  • Managing Dixon county jails and inmates
  • Ensure public peace and safety by enforcing the law.
  • Patrol all areas within the Dixon County, Nebraska jurisdiction.
  • Managing court orders, including subpoenas and repossessions.
The sheriff also appoints deputies. Currently, the sheriff's office has 7 deputies. You can also get in touch with the sheriff's department with questions relating to:
  • County jail and inmate searchers.
  • Mugshots data and police reports.
  • Warrant documents and orders.
  • Auctions at the sheriff's department.
  • Inmate visitation and access procedures.

County Departments Associated With the Sheriff’s Office

There are various departments in Dixon County, Nebraska. The sheriff's office works together with these departments to enforce the law. These departments include:

Criminal Investigations Department

The Criminal Investigations Department has the role of investigating crimes with high professionalism and values. These include compassion, care, transparency, and ethics. These values apply to all citizens and crime victims of the county. Plus, the officials in this department also conduct investigations until a crime gets to the "solved" status. The department also features two departments which are the personal and property detectives. Their roles include:
  • The property ones have the role of dealing with theft, corruption, and burglary.
  • The private detectives focus primarily on domestic issues such as gender violence.

The Patrol Division

The Patrol Division Dixon county serves the role of traversing all the corners of the jurisdiction to enforce the law. The department also functions in three ten-hour shifts to ensure each team member stays productive. The department also features several patrol members.

Training and Special Services Divisions

The role of this department is to perform functions such as creating warrants, performing inmate transportation, and giving security all across the county. The warrant offices in this department also manage the sex offender investigations program, which involves various procedures. A good example would be invalidating and maintaining the individual's National Crime Information Center records. Before becoming part of the team, officers have to go through a certified training program. The division's mission also involves training officers and making them competent at fieldwork.

Dixon County Jail

The Dixon County Jail is located in Ponca, Dixon County, Nebraska. The main goal of the county jail is to enforce offenders for inmate apprehension and ensure citizens are safe from these individuals. The department achieves this by providing state-of-the-art prison facilities, including medical staffing and 24-hour surveillance measures. The facility was originally a one-story building, but renovations have been done over the years to improve its size and appearance. It has a unique hierarchy when it comes to administration. The Sheriff is the administrator of the prison facility alongside different jail department heads. including a jail administrator, assistant jail administrator, 16 correctional officers, jail program assistant, and staff supervisors. The county also has a well-updated search database that includes multiple unique details. These include details on the release date, file number, case description, bond amount, and various other similar information. If you know an inmate who has received a charge, but no conviction, realize that they are probably in Dixon County Jail. While the state might house inmates with serious crimes in Dixon County Jail, some will have to move to Nebraska State Prison later. The jail is a medium-level security facility, housing inmates who have received a sentence of less than a year of incarceration. Or, the jail can also house those who have received convictions for misdemeanors. There are several programs offered to inmates at the Dixon County Jail, including General Educational Development, computer education, financial management and anger management. The county jail also offers inmates substance abuse programs.

Dixon County Sheriffs Department Substation - Wakefield

407 Main Street, Wakefield, Nebraska, 68784

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Dixon County Jail Information

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Dixon County
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County Jail
302 3rd Street, Ponca, NE, 68770


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