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Dakota County Sheriff

Dakota County Sheriff

Updated on: April 7, 2023
Dakota County, located in the extreme northeast of Nebraska, contains approximately 255 square miles (165120 acres) bordered by South Dakota on the north. Iowa borders the County on the east, Dixon County on its west, Thurston County on the South. The County generates most of its income from Agriculture and other agriculture-related businesses. Additionally, its western part has a significant beef slaughter and packing plant. Initially, Dakota County had ten town sites platted at its river banks; they have since become extinct except Dakota City. As a result, the County currently only has two cities Dakota City and South Sioux City; three villages; Jackson, Hubbard, and Homer; a part of Emerson village (which lies in three counties), and Willis village (incorporated). As of 2019, according to United States Census Bureau, Dakota's county population was 20026. Dakota City is the County's seat, and Sioux City is its largest city. Chris Klein berg is the current County Sheriff.

County Sheriff’s Departmental Community Engagement Programs and Services

The sheriff’s department is on the frontline to ensure the community is safe and secure. Ideally, it facilitates several programs and services to fight vices in society and improve the lives of the citizens. Some of the programs offered include:
  • D.A.R.E.: Dakota County Sheriff's Department offers the Drug Abuse Resistance Education in all the schools in the County. The D.A.R.E. program is a highly applauded substance abuse prevention education. The program teaches the kids all the skills they require to avoid drug violence and gang involvement. It was established in 1983 and has shown tremendous success. Additionally, this program involves a series of classroom lessons, police officer-led, that teach children from kindergarten through to the 12th grade.
  • R.E.A.T.: Gang Resistance Education and Training is an evidence-based and violence and gang prevention program. This effective program revolves around a school-based and a law enforcement officer-taught classroom curricula. It aims to prevent gang membership, youth violence, and delinquency. Kids with ages immediately before their prime ages potential to introduction to gangs and delinquent behavior. The Sheriff's Department has offered G.R.E.A.T. since 1997 in South Sioux City Schools; it plans to expand the program to other schools in the County.
  • K-9: The Sheriff’s Department provides the K-9 training to any organization that requests the service. The program involves a canine unit trained in bomb detection, patrol work, and narcotics detection. K-9 dogs receive top-notch training from experienced dog trainers. Additionally, interested individuals can request training from experienced professionals. Training for dogs begins from basic "sit and stay" commands when young and gradually progress to other pro skill sets.
The Department offers the following community services in all public functions:
  • Fingerprint Clinics
  • McGruff
  • Halloween Safety Seminars
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Conflict Resolution Seminars
  • Neighborhood watch programs assistance

Dakota County Jail

Dakota County Jail is a medium-security correctional facility in Dakota City, Nebraska. The County Sheriff's Office governs and operates the facility alongside 13 staff members committed to providing a safe and secure environment for incarcerated individuals. The facility currently houses more than 84 adult inmates and boasts of more than 4470 annual bookings from all over Dakota County. Additionally, the jail holds inmates convicted for a crime and those currently in their preliminary stages. Most inmates at this facility serve sentences of less than two years. Apart from incarcerating offenders from the County, the county jail also accepts inmates from surrounding villages, municipalities, towns, the United States Marshals Service, and the Dakota City Police Department. Most often, those mentioned above do not provide long-term detention services. The jail is committed to providing inmates primary needs in compliance with Nebraska Jail Standards’ Rules and Regulations, Constitutional laws, Nebraska State Statutes, and associated professional standards. Most importantly, incarcerated individuals at Dakota County Jail receive rehabilitative and betterment programs, including General Education Diploma, vocational training, recreation, religious services, and substance abuse treatment. These programs ensure inmates are productive during incarceration. Additionally, reentry services emphasize smooth reintegration into society and reduce recidivism rates upon release.

Custody of Offenders

The County Jail books in new inmates daily; it can release some inmates upon bail posting or to a pretrial services caseload. In other instances, the jail may place an incarcerated individual under the supervision of a probation agency or release them on their indemnity with an agreement to appear in court. Inmates who are not released stay at the facility as they wait for their court appearances (as a guest of the Country). During this period, the jail offers a bed and three square meals to designated inmates. After booking, all inmates stay together in a vast holding area under intensified observation and security. The jail’s staff ensures to hold violent and uncontrollable offenders in separate rooms. While incarcerated, inmates can work as trustees around the facility as cooks, handle commissaries, work in the laundry, and orderlies for the correctional staff. They either receive a small stipend for their time or a few days deducted from their time in exchange for the labor services.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Under Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (P.R.E.A.) standards, Dakota County Jail has a zero-tolerance policy for any acts of abuse, assault, harassment, or misconduct of sexual nature. The facility prohibits consensual and non-consensual sexual contact between incarcerated individuals and fellow inmates, staff members, or visitors. Staff includes correctional officers, contact employees, and volunteers such as counselors. Therefore, in case of any sexual contact, the facility mandatorily delivers a criminal or administrative action. The County Jail advises all victims to report the attack as soon as possible; taking a longer time impairs the process of obtaining evidence for investigation.

Dakota County Sheriff Office

701 West 29th Street, South Sioux, Nebraska, 68776

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Dakota County Jail Information

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County Jail
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