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Cuming County Sheriff

Cuming County Sheriff

Updated on: March 15, 2023

Common Duties

Law enforcement and court-associate duties are the responsibilities of the Cuming County Sheriff's Office.  The staff members of the Sheriff's Office include one office administrator and five custom-built officers. These officers conduct the exposure of law violations and self-initiated impediments, examine traffic accidents and criminal activities, and execute coroner's duties. Additionally, they attend to emergency and regular calls for service as well as more specialized duties.

Interagency Collaboration

The Sheriff's Office officers enforce the law throughout Cuming County, with its villages, townships, and cities. The Sheriff's Office works hand in hand with neighboring agencies such as Beemer Police Department, West Point Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, and many more. These collaborations allow the Sheriff's Office to provide quality service even as it maximizes existing resources.

Civil Procedure Service Charge

Every civil document submitted to the Sheriff's Office for examination must have a deposit prior to service. The deposit and any filing charges paid to the Court Clerk to have a document issued are separate from each other.  When filing documents with a different court, they should be mailed or delivered to the Sheriff's office alongside a cover letter. Finally, an invoice will be presented to the correct offices after the service has been attempted.

Eviction Strategy

The eviction process is one of the often asked questions about civil procedures. This page is particularly informative. The role of the Sheriff's office in the eviction procedure is as follows:
  •         Issue eviction notice demanding the tenant to vacate on the plaintiff's behalf.
  •         Serve the tenant with a notice of a suit in case of failure to move.
  •         Issue summons of compensation if the landlord prevails at the trial.

Eviction Process

In case of unspecified form of action in the Writ of Restitution, service execution is as follows:
  •         The plaintiff sets the restoration date or time as requested by the Sheriff Officer.
  •         The officer serves the defendant with a copy of the set date, at least three days before. This allows voluntary vacation of the defendant.
  •         The officer executes the removal of any occupant at the eviction date from the premises.
  •         Upon removal, the officers allow the occupant to obtain personal effects and offer them protection if necessary, as the law provides.

Warrants of Distress

Each November, the Cuming County Treasurer's Office issues information of distress warrants to the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office collects all unpaid personal property taxes throughout Cuming County in case of failure to comply voluntarily.

Exceptional Court Orders

In this case, the Sheriff's Office serves some documents regarding domestic issues like Child Custody Order, Domestic Abuse Protection Orders, Harassment Protection Orders, and Show Cause Protection Orders.

Cuming County Jail in Nebraska

The Cuming County Jail is an average-security incarceration center situated in West Point, Cuming County.  It's an adult-only facility that accommodates inmates from all over Cuming County under Cuming County Sheriff governorship. This facility hosts inmates pending sentencing or trial. These sentences are usually less than two years. Cuming County receives inmates from neighboring municipalities, towns, the West Point Police Department, and the US Marshal's Service who don't own centers. Every year the jail receives approximately 4905 bookings, with 13 daily on average. Inmates housed here are imprisoned for diverse levels of crime.  According to arrest records, new detainees are delivered to the jail every day. Inmates are freed to a pretrial caseload, released on bail, kept under supervision by a probation agency, or released on their recognizance but appear in court as agreed. If not released, the inmate will have to stay in the jail, awaiting an appearance in court under the county's care. In addition, the county Jails keep records on inmates, including sentencing records, arrest records, court documents, and other criminal reports. Cuming County Jail avails these records to the public. Some inmates help in jail in the commissary, as cooks, or orderlies for the staff, in the laundry. These inmates are known as Trustees. They are given some small cash or off days in return. Upon arrival, the same intake inmates are kept in a giant holding cell. They are then kept under close observation. The out-of-control and violent ones are thus identified and segregated.

Work Release Plan

Work release is a program whereby the inmate can go to work in the daytime and return to jail for the night. There are two major requirements to getting into this program:
  •         Filling out of the relevant papers by the employer.
  •         Application for the program by the inmate before being sentenced to jail.

Cuming County Sheriff Office

200 South Lincoln Street, West Point, Nebraska, 68788

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Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports

Cuming County Jail Information

West Point
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Cuming County
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County Jail
200 South Lincoln Street Room 203, West Point, NE, 68788


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