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NSA Officer of the Year



County or Town

1974 Vern Byler, Captain, NSP Lincoln, NE
1975 Merle Karnopp, Sheriff Lancaster County
1976 Patrick Ell, Deputy Dodge County
1977 Gregg Magee, Deputy Adams County
1978 M.E. "Shorty" Sunquist, Sheriff Gosper County
1979 Russell K. Kildare, Deputy Lancaster County
1980 Richard D. Dolph, Deputy Fillmore County
1981 Byron Buzek, Sheriff Saline County
1982 Fred Steinkamp, Jr., Sheriff Gage County
1983 Roger D. Sterkel, Sheriff Morrill County
1984 Darrell J. Johnson, Sheriff Cheyenne County
1985 Emanuel Bartek, Deputy Lancaster County
1986 Duane Deterding, Sheriff Lincoln County
1987 Craig D. Dodge, Deputy Lancster County
1988 Bob Botek, Deputy Cherry County
1989 Neil Miller, Deputy
LeRoy Janssen, Sheriff
Buffalo County
Wayne County
1990 Ed Bryson, Deputy Lancaster County
1991 J.R. "Rick" Stalder, Sheriff Furnas County
1992 Ron Poskochil, Sheriff Saunders County
1993 Joe Yocum, Deputy
Denise Woolman, Deputy
Sewerd County
Lancaster County
1994 Richard Bauer, Deputy Box Butte County
1995 Gary Norseen, Deputy Dawson County
1996 No Nominations  
1997 William Woodruff, Deputy Lancaster County
1998 Emanuel Bartek, Deputy Lancaster County
1999 No Nominations  
2000 Ed VanBuren, Deputy Douglas County
2001 Chad Hunt, Deputy Buffalo County
2002 Richard Zimmerman, Deputy Saline County
2003 Gary Young, Sheriff Thayer County
2004 Wes Greve, Investigator Washington County
2005 Jane Tooley, Deputy Butler County
2006 William Burgess, Sheriff Fillmore County
2007 Neil Miller, Sheriff Buffalo County
2008 Michael J. Smith Douglas County
2009 No Nominations  
2010 No Nominations  
2011 Thomas Flynn, Deputy
David Heins, Deputy
Douglas County
Douglas County
2012 Justin Trout, Deputy Box Butte County
2017 John Brady, Deputy Lancaster County